Network Optimization

Network optimization refers to a set of technologies and techniques that are geared towards improving network performance. Network optimization techniques seek to creatively manage bandwidth utilization, minimize latency, packet loss, congestion and jitter.

Network optimization tools or simply network optimizers allow network engineers to monitor and optimize network performance metrics. Network optimizers provide an unprecedented level of control over performance metrics, and the ability to proactively manage network performance.

Why is Network Optimization Important?

Network performance metrics like latency and packet loss are a crucial factor in determining the performance of online applications. Network engineers are increasingly concerned with monitoring and managing their network performance, to ensure the highest quality of service.

Historically, network optimization has been a one trick pony.  Most current network “optimization” tools are that in name only. They can more accurately be defined as network monitoring platforms, which while providing visibility into network performance, do not provide much functionality in the way of optimizing or controlling network performance.

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